RCHK Year 9 Disease Wiki

Welcome to a place where we can collaborate and organize resources that will help us to better understand a variety of diseases.


First of all, let me congratulate all of you on a job well done. The votes were spread out, as I imagined they would be, since there were simply a large number of great wiki pages, making it tough to single out just one. After tallying the votes, here are the results

1st Place - Progeria (Alanna Ramsey)
2nd Place - Stroke (Hisataka Kamiya)
3rd Place - Eczema (Janice Mo) and H1N1 (Jacky Chow)
4th Place - Rabies (Simran Dadlani), Hep A (Stephanie Wong), Asthma (Jade Birkby)


To spice things up a bit, we will be having a best wiki contest, with you (students) all getting a vote. You may only vote for one page total, but it may be chosen from any of the pages here, even if that person is not from your class. You may not vote for yourself. There will be prizes for first, second, and third.
To pick the Best Overall Page, you should consider three major things (starting from the most important):
1. Is it informative? – Does it clearly answer the questions asked?
2. Is it aesthetically pleasing? – Does it look good?
3. Is it creative? – Does it have interesting content displayed in a creative way?

Your Task!
Underneath the "Researched Diseases" heading, you will begin to add your diseases. To edit this page, you must first click on the edit page button shown above. Please put the diseases in alphabetical order (by the common name of the disease) and include your name (only on this page, NOT on the name of the new page). Once this is done, you must click on the link icon in the editor and create a new page on our wiki that Includes the following:

1) The common and scientific name of the disease.
2) What causes it?
3) What are the symptoms? How long do they last? Is it deadly?
4) Can it be cured? If so, how? If not, is there any way that we can at least treat it?
Note: A properly done page must have sources referenced at the bottom.

The first example has been started to show you the format:

Researched Diseases:

AIDS - Mr. Hogan
Athlete's foot- Benjamin Yeung
Asperger Syndrome - Nikita Nandakumar
Anthrax -Thomas Cheung D:
Asthma - Jade Birkby
Autism - Kenneth
Breast Cancer - Kevin Chung
Chicken Pox - Ruth Ng
Cowpox - Brian Yeung >:)
Conjunctivitis - Joshua Chan
Diabetes Mellitus - Curtis Chor
Dengue Fever - Christine Halliday
Dissociative Identity Disorder - Rachael Man
Down's Syndrome - Natalie Chui
Eczema - Janice Mo
Hairy tongue -Havis Kwok
Hong Kong Flu - Gordon Cheng
Hemophilia - Audrey Leung
Hepatitis A - Stephanie Wong
Huntington's Disease - Ashley Pak
High Cholesterol - Joyce lee
Influenza (Flu) - Selina Chau
Influenza A virus subtype (H1N1) - Jacky Chow
Insomnia - Louise Yung
Kawasaki Disease - Carol Tung
Hypothermia - Kristen Leveille
Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome - Kerry Lee
Leukemia - Nicolle Kwan
Leprosy - Karina Ramchandani
Lung Cancer - Vida Lee
Lupus - Calvin Wong
Major Depressive disorder - Scarlet Sung
Mania Anthony Yan
Measles - Brian Leung
Obesity - Derek Wu
Ondine's Curse - Edmond Mak
Pimples - Alissa Cheng
Polio- Shivani Hemnani
Rabies - Simran Dadlani
Rubella - Jack Lau
Raynaud's Syndrome - Charlotte Koehler
SARS - Sampras Lee
Sleeping Sickness - Wingki Lam
Stroke - Hisataka Kamiya 9.5
Syphilis - James Mak
Smallpox - Joel Brandner
The Bends- Jacob Newbery
Travelers Diarrhea - Ryan Kwok
Typhoid -sacha dale
Tumor - Holly Chen
Warts - Ariel Kang
Foot and Mouth - Johnny