Name and how is it caused
Typhoid fever is caused when a human (homo-sapiens) are exposed to human feces from an infected person though consumption of the feces.


Typhoid fever develops slowly and can reach up to 40 Celsius or 104 some of the symptoms consist of compulsive sweating and severe but non-bloody diarrhea and rose colored spots may appear depending on the infected person.

The disease results in four different stages each stage lasts around one week depending on the patient.
The first week the infected will suffer from rising temperature strong head aches bloody nose and some times abdominal pain depending on the infected.
Week two the infected patients temperature rises to around 40*c normally calm but some times agitated the delirium gives typhoid fever its name”nervous fever”.
red spots appear on the lower chest and abdomen in 1/3 of infected patients and diarrhea will occurs in most patients green with a rememberable smell of pea soup.
The third stage lots of complications can appear depending on the patient that is infected.
Week four the symptoms slowly go.

How to cure typhoid fever
the only way to cure typhoid is to just stick thought an let run though.