Kawasaki Disease

1)The common name for this disease it’s called Kawasaki Disease or Lymph Node Syndrome. The scientific name of this disease is called mucocutaneous lump node syndrome.

2) This disease only affects children of young ages such as 1-5 years old. The cause of kawasaki disease is still unknown. Microorganisms(orgasm) and toxins have been suspected, but nothing has actually been clarified. It may have been passed down from genetic factors, but the immune system can also cause this.

3)The usual symptoms of kawasaki disease includes fever, your eyes might turn red, cracked and inflamed lips, ulcerative gum disease, and swollen in the neck, also an rash on the skin that is bright red.(It may look like chicken pox) Skin is also easily peeled off of the fingers and toes. The victim might feel really tired, and doesn't want to get up, and only wants to sleep the whole day through.

4) Yes this disease can be cured, by high doses of aspirin to reduce inflammation, and to prevent blood clots in the body. Also, you can use Gamma Globulin that goes through the vein that decreases the chance of anything happening to your heart. You need to treat this before 10 days or else the artery walls of the child will be damaged. Yet, this might cause some after affects to your heart. It's really dangerous for your arteries and veins. and since Gamma Globulin is from other patients as well, you can have a high chance of getting AID/HIV as well. (Gamma Globulin is some sort of protein located in our blood)


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