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What is Hepatitis A?
A picture of HAV
Hepatitis A is caused by Hepatitis A Virus(HAV) that affects the liver, and could be transmitted rapidly from one to another. In another way, Some people that have Hepatitis A will get symptoms similar to
flu, such as tiredness, headaches, stomach/abdominal pains, fever... etc. It has an incubation period of around 15 to 50 days, an average of 28 to 30 days. As a result from the Centers for Disease Control has proved, 1 person out of 5 with Hepatitis A have to be hospitalized, and 3 to 5 people that suffer through this disease will die out of 1000 people.

Common Names/Scientific Names of Hepatitis A Hepatitis A is a kind of Infectious hepatitis. There are also Hepatitis B, C, D, and E.
The scientific name of Hepatitis A is 'Hepotaliosis Anacodiatrochious', but there is no supporting evidences for this result.(found in
answers.com )

How can Hepatitis be spread? HAV is usually found in feces from the person who has Hepatitis A. Therefore, this disease could be transmitted by accidentally eating or drinking foods and beverages that contaminates faeces(from the person who is suffering from Hepatitis A) containing HAV. This proves that this disease would be more easily spread in countries with lower sanitation, as foods and drinks would not be carefully filtered and inspected. Hepatitis A could also be spread through close personal contact. As a result from the U.S., most people who caught onto this disease was infected by having personal contacts with their family and/or their sex partner who has Hepatitis A.

What are the Symptoms? Some people that were caught on this disease does not show any symptom at all(especially children under the age of 6 ).

  • Fatigue - easily getting tired
  • Fever
  • Abdominal(packs)/stomach pain
  • Nausea - vomit
  • Diarrhea
  • Appetite loss - don't want to eat
  • Depression - sad
  • Jaundice - getting yellow skins and/or eyes
  • Losing Weights
  • Itching - scratching your skin
  • Eczema or Rashes (sometimes)

Symptoms will gradually be shown and noticed over a period of 2 to 6 weeks after getting this disease, this is also known as the ‘incubation period’. These symptoms could last for less than 2 months at least, sometime it could last for 9 months long. People who suffer from Hepatitis A will also have really bad conditions: Your faeces will turn lighter in colour. Also, urine will turn much darker in colour, in extreme cases it would be as dark as Coca-Cola. This happens because bile(from stomach) is excreted through urine, and is taken away from blood stream. Bilirubin is a yellow substance that is produced by the red blood cells, it is what affects the colour of urine and faeces, also what causes Jaundice. You can also have your blood tested in order to find out whether you have been infected.

Can it be cured? There are no particular treatment that would treat Hepatitis A, the liver will usually be fully recovered over a month to 2 months time without any lasting damages caused. All you have to do is to have more resting, avoid drinking alcohols, eating oily/fatty foods, have a balance diet, drink more water. In the U.S., 30% of infected people has to be hospitalized. Death are extremely uncommon for people who have Hepatitis A, it could be caused from liver damaging due to the strong HAV infection(very rare).

Preventing Hepatitis A You can insert a type of
Hepatitis A vaccine into your blood, it protects you from getting this disease, leads your body to attack HAV. You must insert
Hepatitis A Vaccine
this vaccine for two times, second time should be around half to a year after inserting the first one. As a result from the Immunization Action Coalition showed that 100% of the people who has injected this vaccine has fully recovered from HAV. Children under the age of 12 are
NOT allowed to have any vaccines inserted, but could inject the Hepatitis A Immunoglobulin injection. This is a short-term injection that could be inserted to anyone at a high risk. In Mexico, most Children(under the age of 2) and pregnant women could inject Hepatitis A Immunoglobulin injection.

If you are suffering from Hepatitis A: wash your hands deeply every time after going to toilet, before making foods and heat them to 85°C to kill the germs. This will avoid spreading HAV to others.
If you don't have Hepatitis A: do not eat any raw/uncooked seafood, un-peeled fruits and uncooked vegetables.

Beware... : (you can even catch a Hepatitis A Virus from a fast-food restaurant?!?!)

Result from the International Food Safety Network


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