The cowpox is a skin disease. It is of course, cause by the cowpox virus. It is called the cowpox because the cows give you cowpox. But that doesn’t mean the cow cannot be eaten.

So how do you get cowpox?

~You get cowpox by touching the udders of cows. In case you don't know what an udder is, take a peek at the picture over here. Yup, its the part of the cows where you milk them.
~Nowadays, cowpox is very rare, and is not found in cows, due to the awareness of hygiene. It is mostly found in woodland rodents, and because of this, cats also carry this virus.


What are the symptoms of cowpox?

~Apparently the most common symptom for cowpox are rashes. The rash looks more like a blister, soon it fills with pus, which is a yellowish greenish liquid produced during infections, and then scabs over with a disgusting black crust. Soon the rash will heal, but scars will form. Fortunately, the rash does not spread out the virus.
~Other symptoms include swelling, pain in the infected area, red streaks from the infected are to the armpits, a fever, chills, muscle aches, headaches, and you might lose your appetite.
~If the cowpox virus is left untreated, rashes will grow almost all over your body, and in extreme cases, it might also cause death.cowpox2.jpg

Are there any treatments to cure the cowpox virus?

~So far, there have been no treatments for the cowpox virus. Therefore, to cure it, we try to focus on curing the symptoms of the cowpox virus. To do this, you can: use medications that cures fevers, relieve pains, and care for the rash so that it does not spread around your body.
~Cowpox symptoms are very closely related to other virus' symptoms, such as chickenpox, or anthrax. Consult a doctor if you are unsure, for any mistreatment to the rash might prove fatal.

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