Black Death


Black Death, peaked between 1348 and 1350 in Europe,
was the one of the most dangerous, and deadliest pandemic in Humanity.
There is no Scientific name for Black Death, or Plague, but there is name for the bacteria causing Black Death.
Black Death is caused by bacteria called Yersinia Pestis,
and because of the name of this bacteria, Black Death is also known as Pest in some nations
Yersinia Pestis


Types of Black Death
Cause & Symptoms

Introductions to Black Death

Plague is first started at Europe, about 1340, and it became the scariest thing at that time because there was so much victims dead because of this disease. At that time, about 25,000,000 (25 Million) people dead because of this disease. 25 Million was 30% of population in Europe at that time. Black death at that time was usually known as that it was origin from Central Asia or India, then spread to Europe.
Even after the first time that Black Death is found, there was 100 times of proliferation in Europe until 1700's.
Artwork of Black Death Patients


Black Death has two trace of an epidemic, one is by rat, which was thought only one trace of an epidemic, long time ago until 19C, but later in 20C, argument about that rat is not only way for black death to be spread. They said black death is contagion epidemic that is spread by both Rat and Human, but whom goes far way and spread for long distance is human not rat. Black death is caused when flea who drunk blood of Yesinia Pestis infected rat, drinking human's blood, than the disease spreads to human being.

Types of Black Death

There are three types of Black death:
Lymph Node Black Death - The most commonly spread and known black death is Lymph Node Black Death, it takes 75% of all three black death.
Lung Black Death - Lung black death is the second most common black deaths found
Lung-Blood Black Death - Lung-Blood Black death is really rare type of black deaths found

Cause & Symptoms

Xenopsylla Cheopis
Xenopsylla Cheopis
All three different types have different symptoms. Lymph node black death is caused when the bacteria (Yersinia Pestis) attacks lymph nodes that are in neck, armpit and etc, and creates edema, and symptoms at first start is high temperature fever that the temperature is like 38~41 degrees Celsius, and has vomit and diarrhea so usually people think it is malaria, but later the disease continues, black spots and edema appeals, but lymph node black death is not spread by human to human, but by human to flea(Xenopsylla Cheopis) to human. In Lung Black death, Yersinia Pestis attacks lung and cause lung edema, and it's deadly disease that 95% of human got infected by lung black deaths were dead, and more than 80% of human got infected by lung black death will die within 8 days. Lung Blood black death is caused by Yersinia Pestis directly attacks the blood, even it's really rare type of black death but when human got infected of this, they will die within few hours.
Black death is not curable. There is NO any remedy or method to cure black death. There is no way to treat black death, but it's not coming that rapidly and widely like 1400's, but still had little amount of infection and proliferation later. 1940, in Chang Chun of China had some people got infected by Black Death.


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