The common and scientific name of the disease
There are no specific scientific or common name for Autism

What causes it?
No one can have a true answer on answering this question because most of the fact is not supported. For example Heritability of autism is a common cause of Autism But if a child have Autism, it is 90% from his parent or grand parent but not all the people that have autism has pass this disease to their child or grand child. It can also pass by the activity of the parent. As a lot of people know, parent activity is very important to the health of the child because if the parent have a habit on drugs, smoke, beer. The child’s brain will really damage so it also is a reason for the cause of Autism. In the other hand the growth of the child really effect the kid on having Autism. There are a case in japan that there are a child, his parent is very busy and always leave him playing alone so it means that education to children is very important for children.

What are the symptoms? How long do they last? Is it deadly?
People that have Autism will have a different social skill, communicating and activity with other people. Some of them won't talk or listen. People always think that Autism is similar with deaf but there is a big gab to identify the difference between them, Doctor make a very loud noise to attract the victim like may be banging the table or something like that if the victim don't make a reaction is mean that they are deaf. the photo above shown that what a Autism boy do.
Autism is a quite interesting disease it is very unstable as i said above. The time that Autism last is also very unstable. For me i am quite lucky because The Autism i have just last for three years but some other people may last for their whole life. The youtube video below may give you some other infromation about how to recognize the Autism.

Youtube Link:

4) Can it be cured? If so, how? If not, is there any way that we can at least treat it?
Also in Medical history, Autism can't be cue completely it can only physiologically way to help the victim with social skills. other than that the final cue is base on the victim and the growth.